SEDNET/Counseling as a Related Service


Charlene Grecsek, EdD, LMHC, SEDNET Coordinator

Phone: 754-321-3421


SEDNET works closely with other Broward County Public Schools Departments in the area of Suicide Prevention, Baker Act and other Mental Health Related Areas.

Dr. Charlene Grecsek oversees Suicide Prevention Support in the District.

What suicide prevention is available for students?

If the student is Middle or High School, a Promising Best Practice curriculum is offered to schools. The students receive the curriculum from District staff. The curriculum is Youth Suicide Prevention Program. The curriculum is over 4 weeks and fifty minutes each session.

What Suicide Prevention is available for staff and community?

Staff are able to receive a two hour training at their school upon request. The training is through the Jason Foundation.

Suicide Prevention and other mental health training is available for parent and community groups upon request.

Baker Act Information

Information regarding Baker Acts is available for school and staff. Please go to the Baker Act Brainshark.