How to Request an Evaluation

What You Need to Know

As a parent of a student in the Broward County Schools, if you suspect your child is a student with a disability, you have the right to request an evaluation of your son or daughter, which may include formal assessments from a School Psychologist.

Requests can be made in two ways:

What happens next?

Once a request is made, you will be invited to attend a CPST meeting within thirty (30) calendar days where your child’s response to instruction/intervention will be reviewed. At the conclusion of that meeting, one of three possible outcomes will be determined:

Once consent for evaluation is received, the school has 60 calendar days, excluding specific school breaks and extended student absences, to complete the evaluation.

For more information, please contact the RtI Contact, ESE Specialist or School Administration at the school your child attends.  Additional content can be viewed at: